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HP2-K21 Designing HP Enterprise Storage Solutions – Delta Certification Exam

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October 19, 2013 by Emil

The HP2-K21 Designing HP Enterprise Storage Solutions – Delta Exam consists of 72 items and a time span of 120 minutes. A prerequisite certification for taking this test is the Master ASE – HP Storage Works Solutions (2008) certification and upon successful passing of this exam, examinees will be upgraded to the Master ASE-HP Storage Works (2011) Certification. The intended audience for this exam would be SAN Architects, Storage SA and Storage Consultants who are familiar with the HP Storage Works Solutions for disaster –tolerant designs, multiple site solutions and enterprise application consolidation for data centers. A passing grade of 72 percent is required.

Certification Exam

Exam areas that will be covered include the description of HP products and solutions, planning and design of a supported solution and Implementation of a solution design at the customer’s site. Participants need to be familiar with and knowledgeable about HP products and solutions and how they pertain to correct position of HP portfolio storage, portfolio alliances with ISV’s, connections between software, storage and servers, benefits and features of products and solutions and be able to describe the benefits and concepts of storage as it pertains to being a utility for a converged infrastructure.

Designing and planning supported solutions should be able to be explained. Given a work scenario, test takers should be able to explain linking HP solutions to business needs, creation of an overview for a high level solution concept, data gathering and analysis for the customer, validation of design and solution presentation to the customer.

The Benefits Of Having A Good Registry Cleaner

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October 4, 2013 by Emil

Home computers running on Windows systems come pre-packaged with some types of problems. One is in the registry that records your PC operations and configurations for how it runs. However, they do not include any specific programs for cleaning up problems that occur within the registry.

If you are a ‘techie’ you might be able to fix some registry errors by using the registry editor, but if you are not sure what you are doing you could damage your computer even more and maybe even render it useless.

For making major changes in a registry you have to understand about registry trees. They are very complicated parts of the structure of a registry. Making adjustments could be very time consuming and one wrong move could put you out of commission for good.

Good Registry Cleaner

In order to avoid this kind of horror story happening to you it is wise to find yourself a good registry cleaner software to do the job for you. You can download them and run them with a simple click of your mouse. They are easy to use and do a good job. They utilize advanced algorithms to give your registry a very thorough scan and locate errors that need repaired. Then they can eliminate redundant files and repair errors to get your PC operating and functioning as it should again.

If you are experiencing slow-down or problems with the way your PC functions then you might want to consider trying a registry cleaner. They take the work right out of your hands and place it at your fingertips. All you do is click the start button and the program does the rest.

Finding the best registry cleaner for your PC can take a little research. There are a lot of scams involved with registry cleaners. The good ones keep their reputation solid and you can find out about them by asking around online in forums or on blogs. One of the main things you want in your registry cleaner is good customer service. Without that you should not waste your money. Nothing is worse than needing help and not being able to get it. When a registry cleaner has good customer support then that is one of the main keys to knowing it is a good program.

There are a lot of different registry cleaners with a lot of different features. You may not need all the features on each cleaner. Locate the one that will do the things you need and don’t pay for excessive features you will never use.

How To Optimize Your Computer Performance With Registry Cleaners

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September 19, 2013 by Emil

Whenever you uninstall a software application it can cause a decline in your PC responsiveness. There will still be tracks left within your registry. In order to optimize the way you use your registry and all its components, there are registry cleaners already installed on your PC that will check for errors as well as fix them.

A registry cleaner is basically a program designed to remove the configuration settings of programs you have uninstalled. Whenever the settings still get used, however, these cleaning utilities will attempt to repair any conflict remaining in the settings.  Extensive use of a cleaning utility is good practice. It helps to optimize manual changes you have made in your file system and on programs that are based on the COM (Component Object Model).

Registry Cleaners

Registry cleaners have one purpose and that is to clean up your Windows Registry. They solve problems and conflicts within the registry. Many experts say that these types of utilities do more harm than they do good.

Most of these kinds of registry cleaning applications are downloadable and offer FREE Trials.  That makes them very attractive to users having registry problems. However, it also opens them up to the possibility of getting some malware or spyware from their download. That means it is important to choose the right registry cleaner before you download it.

When you look for a registry cleaner you need to check for a good reputation. You can search on the web and get feedback concerning any cleaning program you are considering. You want your potential program to have the right features and good customer support. It should be able to locate and repair missing files, redundant files, invalid entries, or broken links.

Your registry cleaner should have an easy-to-use simple interface. Most of the cleaners on the market today are ‘one-click’ maintenance systems. That makes them very convenient and suitable for people wanting a quick remedy to their woes and want their registry fixed properly as well.

The biggest drawback to registry cleaners is that there are lots of scams out there.  Some are merely designed to fool you by scanning your system for free and then having you believe you need it NOW. The scan and reports are totally false. That is why your research is so crucial. Go into forums and ask around. People who have had success or trouble with any registry cleaners are willing and ready to share their experiences.

A good registry cleaner will reduce errors and repair your registry database to keep you far away from the dreaded blue screen of death.

Why Use Registry Cleaners?

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August 30, 2013 by Emil

Today there are more and more PC users taking advantage of good registry cleaners for keeping their registries clean and error-free. Computers hold most all our information today and a large percentage of American households utilize computers for many different reasons. The more a computer is used the more information is being stored in within its registry.

One of the main benefits to having a good registry cleaner is that it will remove all that unnecessary data from your PC which makes it run faster. Your registry is the place where applications create specific entries and keys for temporary data. These entries do not get deleted by themselves or by your PC ever. They are permanently stored until you take action to change that. The more these entries accumulate the more your computer slows down. This is a ‘bloated registry’.

That makes it necessary for you to find a good registry cleaner and run it periodically. It will remove redundant and unnecessary data and files that are just hanging around in your registry. In time you accumulate a lot of invalid entries. Most of these come from installing and uninstalling programs. A good registry cleaner will remove them from your system so your PC runs at optimal speed and performance.

use Registry Cleaners

Many users without hesitation will download and install and uninstall all kinds of programs. They will also delete software programs that never were truly fully ‘uninstalled’. Most usually when you uninstall a program there will be some files left on your computer that are no longer performing a function but simply clutter up the registry and slow down your PC performance.

There are other times when you can download spyware without knowing it. There could be drivers you no longer used but that were not deleted still hanging around in your system. This kind of accumulation bloats your registry and slows down performance. That is what makes having a good registry cleaner so important.

As technology improves so do the programs created with it. The new registry cleaners far out-perform the old. They have some good new and improved features like:

A Scan & Repair Feature -(scans all registry records and trims down the registry)

Defragmentation-type Features -(removes empty spaces and fragmented files)

Set It & Forget It Feature -(set your schedule & let the program work)

Increased Detection Abilities -(better able to locate generally undetectable errors and malicious codes)

While you are installing a new system or program rarely if ever notice any problems going on with your registry. As you continue to use your PC the accumulation of invalid entries grows until it slows down PC performance. That is why smart users keep a good registry cleaner on their PC at all times.

How to Make Your Laptop Faster

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August 7, 2013 by Emil

How to make your laptop faster?  In this article, I am going to tell you about an extremely simple method I discovered which made by laptop run *super fast*!

Up until very recently, my laptop was running enormously slow, and it was driving me crazy.  Like most people, I began searching online, for methods to speed up the performance of my laptop – however, most of the methods just seemed too darn advanced, and to be honest, I really didn’t want to mess anything up on my laptop!  I felt as if this was just the speed my laptop was supposed to be, and just dealt with it for a while because I was getting nowhere.

However, I really couldn’t handle how slowly my laptop was running any more.  Seriously, some days I would wait about 10 minutes for my laptop to just turn on!  Even after attempting some of the methods which will supposedly make your laptop faster, I still saw no results – that’s right, nothing at all…  I was even considering buying a complete new laptop. But just as I was browsing online, I was recommended to download a program called TurboYourPC, and boy did it help!

At first, I was very skeptical of this so called laptop performance boost at first – especially with all the hype and promises it offered.  But it was either an attempt to use this program, or a new laptop, so I began to use the program hoping for a miracle! After just a 30 second scan, and a 1 minute clean-up, the process was complete according to the program.  My results?  Just wow…

No joke, as soon as the process was complete, I began opening some programs and doing some tasks on my computer, and the speed improvements were just mind bobbling.  I expected to have to do some technical tasks on my own before I ran the TurboYourPC program, but there was none.  I simply clicked “Run Scan”, and then “Process”, and that was it!  I’m not sure exactly what the program did, but whatever it did do was just amazing!

Furthermore, my laptop was now even starting up way, way faster.  I still had to wait some seconds obviously for the laptop to power on, but the time it taken was much quicker than before.  Honestly, I am super grateful that I found this program when I did, as I was so close to just buying a new better spec laptop from Amazon!  With the speed my laptop was now running at though, what was the point in a new laptop?  My laptop was running super-fast!

If you are looking to find out how to make your laptop faster, then I strongly suggest you look into this TurboYourPC program. Will it work for you? I don’t see why not. Unless my laptop is something totally unique, then I see no reason why anyone else’s laptop could not see the same speed improvements that I experienced from the program!

Click Here to check out TurboYourPC now!

Even to this day, where I type this article, my laptop is still running like lightning speed.  If your laptop is running very slow, or is having some serious speed problems, then I urge you to try out this TurboYourPC, it will speed up your laptop massively – I’m almost positive of that!